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 #104309  door danytheghost
 09 jan 2020, 15:19
Hi Everybody

for those who have been with us at the "Stelvio 20 Years" in September it may be a known thing, and for those who have not been there, I would like to give a little heads-up, just to remember that we did not hibernate...yet.
This time we'll go to Umbria and Tuscany to have fun together and taste some of those typical products of the area that made Italy well known around the globe.

Stay tuned...

Taste & Drive 2020 Heads-up.jpg
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 #104319  door danytheghost
 15 jan 2020, 17:34
Hi Everybody

The unmissable appointment LOTUS Drivers and Friends is for
from 15 to 18 April in Umbria and Tuscany.
Three TASTE events are waiting for us based on the production of cold cuts, cheeses and red wine typical of the area, and two DRIVE appointments, one on the track in Magione and one following the winding road and the passes of the historic "1000 Miglia"

....but that's not all......

for info:

TASTE & DRIVE 2020.jpg
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 #104328  door danytheghost
 22 jan 2020, 12:18
For those who didn't come to the Stelvio with us, please have a look at the attached link: ... the-movie/

We will try to repeat it at the TASTE&DRIVE at the best way
 #104336  door danytheghost
 27 jan 2020, 09:02
TASTE & DRIVE 2020 Draft Planning give you an “appetizer” before driving you through the full details planning and costs, available on January 31st.
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